Monday, June 27, 2011

And............We're Back in the Game!

Over a year has passed since our last blog post!  Our intentions were good...but life gets crazy and things fall by the wayside.  In the past year and a half we bought our modest little duplex, quit both our jobs, moved south into our new home, got unsatisfactory new jobs, found better jobs, painted a brick-wall white, spent 5+ weeks in Thailand, planned a wedding and got married(!), Adam went to the Academy for 7 months, graduated and since January 2011 we've been trying for a baby.  No success yet....  And yes! I would tell you :)

I figure that's quite an impressive list so I am trying not to beat myself up for not following through with this blog.  Even though we are both full-time shift workers - we really want to do this - for us, and for the people who can't be with us as often as we'd like. I'm feeling so committed that I hired books from the library on blogging, and have even bought a domain name!  No more 'blogspot' in our name.  We are now known simply as

The reason I wanted to start blogging in the first place, was largely inspired by the website YoungHouseLove.  And the next real kick to get me re-started was the discovery on Pinterest.  I'm officially addicted.

In our little world of home renovations and DIY, last year started and finished with the whitebrickwall.  We are still in love with it, and have only added a few pieces to it.  We hope to eventually fill it, but we really see the wall as a work in progress - adding the occasional piece as we find it/make it/are given it.

This artwork was a wedding gift from Tim and Lisa, created by an artist in London-town.  The more you look at this, the more you find.  It's intricate, funky, beautiful and sentimental to Tim and Lisa which of course makes it very special for us.  A little piece of them hanging on our wall.

This canvas is of Fingal beach and was painted by Teresa, mother of our wedding MC Daniel, and given as a wedding gift from the Fraser family.

Adam and I bartered with a blind artist for this city tuk-tuk painting and carted it across Thailand.  It was almost left behind at the floating raft-houses, but thankfully retrieved in the nick of time!

Adam put these photo's together.  They are just a mere taste of our last Thailand trip.  We originally planned to plaster the walls of this blog with photo's and tales of the trip - but alas - we were too busy enjoying it.  Perhaps I will have to post some of our favourite pictures and places on here at a later date.

And, finally a frame with some of my favourite photo's from our wedding.  Our fantastic photographer, Lara Pape took these candid shots during our first dance as a married couple.  No fake first dance or fake cake cutting photo's for us.  No sir-ee.  These babies are photo's of us in the moment, and we love <3 them.

Well pumpkin pie.  It's time for this little worker to go to bed.
Sweet Dreams.  See you tomorrow.