Thursday, March 25, 2010

Save the date and Thailand!

Our engagement party was great success! We all had such a wonderful time and I'm sure for those who I haven't spoken to since would all agree. After the engagement party come some massive thankyous.
Our list for these thankyous extends like an old roll of printer paper from the 90's! Thus, one may understand it has taken a little while for us (when I say us I mean Kristy; I have shocking handwriting), to hand write all of the thankyous we are sending out to those who made our party extra special<3.
Did I merely mention hand-write? I meant hand-made and hand-written - BOOM! Kristy has done such an amazing job by sourcing some beautiful screen-printed paper and cutting out some beautiful shapes. Awesomely amazing. I have also employed my non-existent photoshop skills in our "save the dates" that are being sent out.
We are about to fly out to Thailand for 36 days of pure thaied-out thainess! That will mean no updates (maybe one for showing off;) ) so see you guys when we get back!

Here is a taste of how last trip went...Seeya!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Over the barrel, and under the thumb!

Avast! Three sheets to the wind. Prepare to set sail!

This is the story of a girl and a boy. Falling in love and having a party to celebrate the future commitment of that love....

Well, actually this could also be a story about a girl who falls in love with a dress and rearranges her entire Engagement Party theme around said dress!

The happy couple. Assessing the sea conditions from Deck 49.

3 generations. I love my mum. I love my nan.

Batten down the hatches. This cake was AMAZING! A present made by our friends Casey and Anthony, everyone was raving about this cake. They are currently looking at opening their own bakery. And yes, they will be making our wedding cake. That in itself makes the trip to Brooms Head worthwhile!

Cluck, cluck, cluck!


Ahhh. Love. Love. Love, Love. Love.
Thanks to everyone for coming to our party. So many made their way from all over the country, and OH. MY. GOD. The presents. Thankyou to everyone for their exceptionally generous presents! I cried when I opened them, we were spoilt so so much. Watch this blog in the future to see all the presents put to good use!
Until then...

Splice the Main Brace!!!
(thats sea-speak for 'have another drink')

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our own little patch of earth!

So there is nothing too exciting here. Thought I would put out a few pictures of our patch of earth.... well, if you want to get technical being that we are in a duplex which is strata-titled - it is ours and the people's next door.

Interesting fact - the next door neighbours could come and have a barbeque in our court yard and legally we could do nothing about it. The land is co-owned, the building is another matter.
Can you see the potential?? Possibly not, but we sure can! Behind the tree on the right is where I will be making our very own 'erb and small veggie patch.

I have no idea what to do with this section down the side of the house... all I know is that it needs light, cuz when I am taking the bin out in the middle of the night, I can't see a thing! I usually take my iPhone as I don't own a torch. Mayhaps I should write that on the shopping list.

Freaking love our Weber. It was a Christmas present from Mum and Dad Xmas 2008. But thats not the point of the picture... This is our other neighbours fence and its smack bang beside our courtyard. Not a good look, planning on putting plants of some description along here so that we can look at greenery instead. Please note tho - I found ginger in amongst the bark. That made me tres happy!

Hehehe! Adam mowing our lawn for the first time. Shirtless. Bargain lawn mower. Rosco picked it up off the kerb around clean-up day. Cleaned the spark plugs and she ran, you beauty!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It all starts with the White Brick Wall...

Brown Brick Wall

Behold, the hideous brick wall running almost the complete length of our home!

My immediate reaction was gyprock it...gyprock it NOW!!! And then continue with the paint job.
But Adam had other ideas... after a whole lot of googling he managed to persuade me that we should attempt to paint the brick wall.

I wasn't so keen, but I guess if it looks like crap we can still gyprock it.

So first we must seal the wall with an All-in-one primer/sealer/undercoat.

And the renovation bonanza begins!

Adam begin's the 'cutting in' process... Two to three strokes in and and his butt is already hungry.

Is that a message for me?
Yes, we are using splash bowls as paint buckets. I'm sure I'll find a use for the kidney dishes too!

At a guess-timated 42 square meteres, that is a freaking lot of grout to paint. We have to paint around every single brick, and it is ALOT more fiddly and time consuming than it should be... and no matter how hard you try, somehow you still miss bits!

My love for Adam will forever be embedded in our wall. Take your finger out of your throat please...

MoJo a Jo Jo was convinced to come help us paint before a family feast of Chilli and Basil Chicken. Look at what an awesome time he is having!

White Brick Wall

And the wall is sealed! It hasn't even been painted in the wall colour, and I am absolutely in love with it. It is so much brighter inside now especially up the hall, and I LOVE the texture and the look of it already. It's a feature wall with personality.

Adam was right. I will make a mental note to remember this in the future.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Humble Beginnings

Built before we were born, and with the light fittings still present to prove its vintage... We are making plans to turn our modest 2 bedroom duplex into our very own creation!

The internal brick-wall, the hideous cream/orange carpet, the retro light fittings, the tan kitchen, the paved courtyard patio, the wooden doors - say goodbye to them, they ALL MUST GO!

Make way for the hallway's white brick feature wall, timber deck, bi-fold doors, cooking with gas in a new all-white kitchen, herb and small vegie garden, a fresh coat of paint (all the way - for antique white usa!), a babies cot, new doors, new light fittings, the list and ideas are forever extending and evolving.

We will be posting photo's as we progress - so let's start it all off with the 'before' shots...