Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our own little patch of earth!

So there is nothing too exciting here. Thought I would put out a few pictures of our patch of earth.... well, if you want to get technical being that we are in a duplex which is strata-titled - it is ours and the people's next door.

Interesting fact - the next door neighbours could come and have a barbeque in our court yard and legally we could do nothing about it. The land is co-owned, the building is another matter.
Can you see the potential?? Possibly not, but we sure can! Behind the tree on the right is where I will be making our very own 'erb and small veggie patch.

I have no idea what to do with this section down the side of the house... all I know is that it needs light, cuz when I am taking the bin out in the middle of the night, I can't see a thing! I usually take my iPhone as I don't own a torch. Mayhaps I should write that on the shopping list.

Freaking love our Weber. It was a Christmas present from Mum and Dad Xmas 2008. But thats not the point of the picture... This is our other neighbours fence and its smack bang beside our courtyard. Not a good look, planning on putting plants of some description along here so that we can look at greenery instead. Please note tho - I found ginger in amongst the bark. That made me tres happy!

Hehehe! Adam mowing our lawn for the first time. Shirtless. Bargain lawn mower. Rosco picked it up off the kerb around clean-up day. Cleaned the spark plugs and she ran, you beauty!