Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It all starts with the White Brick Wall...

Brown Brick Wall

Behold, the hideous brick wall running almost the complete length of our home!

My immediate reaction was gyprock it...gyprock it NOW!!! And then continue with the paint job.
But Adam had other ideas... after a whole lot of googling he managed to persuade me that we should attempt to paint the brick wall.

I wasn't so keen, but I guess if it looks like crap we can still gyprock it.

So first we must seal the wall with an All-in-one primer/sealer/undercoat.

And the renovation bonanza begins!

Adam begin's the 'cutting in' process... Two to three strokes in and and his butt is already hungry.

Is that a message for me?
Yes, we are using splash bowls as paint buckets. I'm sure I'll find a use for the kidney dishes too!

At a guess-timated 42 square meteres, that is a freaking lot of grout to paint. We have to paint around every single brick, and it is ALOT more fiddly and time consuming than it should be... and no matter how hard you try, somehow you still miss bits!

My love for Adam will forever be embedded in our wall. Take your finger out of your throat please...

MoJo a Jo Jo was convinced to come help us paint before a family feast of Chilli and Basil Chicken. Look at what an awesome time he is having!

White Brick Wall

And the wall is sealed! It hasn't even been painted in the wall colour, and I am absolutely in love with it. It is so much brighter inside now especially up the hall, and I LOVE the texture and the look of it already. It's a feature wall with personality.

Adam was right. I will make a mental note to remember this in the future.