Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Feeling liberated, satisfied and in control!

Since we moved into our home 1 and a half years ago (eeek!) the second bedroom has always been a mess. It is our 'don't know what to do with it' room. In fact, you could call it our massive 'too hard basket', and it has been weighing me down for a long time now.  I have hated showing people through our home and either choosing to not open the door, or throwing caution to the wind and showing them anyway - and instantly feeling regret when the door won't open the whole way because there's too much crap stuff on the floor, and dear god I forgot how bad it was runs through my head.  So for many months on end I have been trying to clear it out.  Problem is, there is always something else to do.

The truth... is for a two bedroom duplex housing two people - we have ALOT of stuff. As you may or may not have seen on Facebook... I have recently confessed my sins - I am a bulk-buying hoarder-holic. In attempt to rid myself of this demon, I decided that it was time I cleaned out the multiple boxes of crafting/beading supplies I accumulated whilst in Uni.  No, I wasn't studying any type of creative artistic degree - I was studying the science of Nursing!  The result of my DIY obsession was carting this around from rental to rental for the last 7+ years.

As I was cleaning out, I hyperventilated every time I opened another box and found more stuff in it. I see now, what I couldn't see back then. Why on earth did I think I needed this many beads, that many bag handles, a blister pack of pliers and a rainbow selection of wire?!?  Even the fluffy feather things at the front of the table... I remember thinking at the time - 'these will be great for pulling apart to make earrings'.  But instead of saying "I'll take this one black fluffy thing please" I obviously had a brain implosion and said "I'll take one in every colour. Yes, also in fluro green". The thought of how much I spent on everything was overwhelming.  Seeing my pain my beautiful mother and cousin Meg volunteered their services to help me come to terms with removing the wares. Being hoarder-holic by nature, I saw parting with all of them as impossible and wasteful - but am very proud of the strength it took to only keep this much -

Yup!  Thats all.  Proud?  I am. Couldn't have done it without my sponsors tho.  The rest is packed into boxes to take to the markets.  *sigh* I feel so much better already.

This weekend I finally committed and conquered the spare room.
Spare Room Clean Out in Progress

I should have taken photo's of the room in it's original state, but I plum forgot.  And that being said, the shots I have taken are not so awesome as we don't have a zoom lens yet for our DSLR. And let's face it, I have no idea how to use the damn thing yet.  Adam always complains that we have a great camera and I never use it. It's not that I don't want to, I just don't know how.. I am hoping that this blog forces me to pick it up more often and get some awesome skills, so that one day I will be able to take some photo's worthy of being hung on our whitebrickwall. Oh! It's raining.  Sweet, that means the garden is getting watered, I have been on 10hr morning shifts and with the short days we've been having lately, I haven't seen the sun - or watered my plants. Distracted?  Yes... so photo's of my spare bedroom success.

There is even space in the cupboard!  Everything else was sorted into storage boxes or market boxes.  Thanks to Rossco and Adam as his handyman-in-training, we now have storage shelves that line 2 of the walls in our garage... but that boys and girls is a story for another day.

So many people say that the first step is admitting that you have a problem.  I confessed to my affliction to all my family and friends on the Facebook interwebs.  And whilst I don't know what the rest of the steps are - I'm sure I have passed through a few of them with my beading and big room cleanout.  I have also vowed to never purchase in bulk again - be it food, stationery DIY supplies. I'm on my way to recovery, and I'm feeling good.

Sweet Dreams.  See you tomorrow.
(insert crazy horizontal spirit-fingers here).