Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And the Ass Saw the Angel.

'I swallowed my heart here.' Is what Adam wrote when my brother originally posted this picture on Facebook. It's been a year since I walked down that aisle, on the day we now consider to be the best day of our lives (as corny as it sounds!). It was a fantastic day full of love, family and friends.
I turned 28 (!) the day before our one year anniversary, and was spoilt rotten by my wonderful husband - a gorgeous Snow-White nightie from Peter Alexander (my favourite) and a lens for our DSLR that can actually zoom in and out.
Check out the range on that baby! Truth be told, I'm pretty useless with our camera. I really am only capable of using it on auto. I don't know what any of the symbols mean, with the exception that the little square means auto. Now that I have a lens that can zoom, I am looking forward to learning how to use my camera properly. I even started watching some tutorials on the World of EOS website! I've only watched a couple of clips and I have learnt so much already! My aim is to learn how to use my camera properly, so that one day - when I finally have the children I always dreamed of - I will be able to take good photo's of them and cover my white brick wall. My birthday was a lovely day, relaxing and pottering about the house. It's not often that Adam and I get a weekend off together. When we do, we can't help but enjoy the simple things. One big birthday highlight is that Adam baked and decorated a freaking fantastic birthday cake.
Yes, it is a cat. But no, it is not just any cat. It's Nyan Cat.
Nyan cat is an awesome poptart cat. One day I aspire to dress Leo up like Nyan Cat. I promise to show you when I do.
Adam's cake was a hit. The icing in particular was delicious and all the waitress' from the restaurant were so impressed they took photo's of it before they served it. The even went to the effort of matching the candle colours to the rainbow trail. Pretty and delicious. I have a lot to live up to, with his birthday cake next year!
We exchanged our anniversary presents in the late afternoon of my birthday, as Adam had secret plans for our anniversary that required us being up early-ish.
Have I mentioned that Adam is a spectacular gift-wrapper? Well he is. And he is also an excellent gift buyer. It turns out first anniversary gifts are supposed to be paper. I totally forgot about this, but by complete fluke nailed it! Adam knew about the paper thing and bought me a book.
I never knew that Nick Cave wrote a book. Or that it was a penguin classic... but there you go. And when I opened the book -
To which, I immediately burst into tears and wrapped my arms around him. They are even asscher cut - which are hard to find, faceted like an emerald cut but square in shape. I almost went into a panic about the cost. "Baby we can't afford these." But thank god my boy is sensible and didn't over do it. We can still afford the floor. He gets bonus points for that.
We woke up on our anniversary morn, with me still not knowing what was going on and I was told to wear something casual and take my blue dress from our engagement practice shoot.
I will be forever in your debt Lara Pape. I know I keep saying it, but I absolutely, positively LOVE my photos!!
It turns out we were on our way to O'Reilly's Lost World Spa for a darn good pampering. A massage and a facial in a gorgeous couples room that overlooked the rainforest. It was wonderful, and so cool that we could get it done together. We then travelled back down the mountain to O'Reilly's Canungra Valley Vineyard. Adam had organised a picnic basket, and we did a little wine tasting before settling down beside the babbling brook for our picnic.
It was D-lish and so relaxing. Not many people there at all, especially for a Sunday. We thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to go back some time in the future. Here's the view from where I was laying.
I am one lucky girl. My husband is not an ass. He is awesome. Thank god I put a ring on it!
We finished our day by dropping into the new Masters at Nerang, which was on the way home. We are pretty excited about all the awesome home DIY potential that place has. It was our first time there... and it finally got the 'it's-time-to-do-the-floor' ball truly rolling. With Adam as his part-time apprentice, Rossco has been a lean-mean flooring machine. Can't wait to show you the finished product!!

What did I get Adam for his paper anniversary present? Well that will just have to wait for another day.

Goodnight and sleep tight all!
Love. Love.