Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Plane! The Plane!

October 2011 saw Adam and I not only hit our one year marriage milestone, but during that month we also made a trip to Cairns to become godparents to one very handsome little man! It was a big day for Phoenix who also hit the big 0-3 during our stay, learnt to poo in the toilet (!) and had his dinosaur themed birthday party on the same day he was baptised. Our 4 day mini-break to Cairns opened our eyes to what life is like with 4 kids aged 6 and under. And it didn't deter me one bit. In fact it made we well up from time to time wishing so hard that Adam and I could have our own awesome family of 6. There is just so much to look forward to. High fives from the 3 year old because he poo-ed in the toilet. Picture him coming into the lounge room fist in the air, and hollering at the top of his little lungs "I pooed in the toilet!!!", and then proceeding to give everyone enthusiastic high-fives. That's the sort of shit life experiences that I long for.
Adam has already been displaying a keen and competent capability to decorate a cake, and a combination effort of both Phoenix's mum Tammy (my Aunty) and my own experienced mother Karen - resulted in a plain slab of chocolate cake becoming this:
Complete with edible rocks, a jelly river, volcano and a rocky outcrop - this cake certainly was a sight to behold. I have a lot to live up to!
Adam, who was not sure how to hold a baby at the start of the trip, certainly took to it quickly and before too long had got the casual hold of little miss Indianna down pat.
The boys fell in love with Adam. They were so well behaved at the Christening, but most adorable was that Phoenix and Makenzie both requested to sit on Adam's lap during the service, and did so in almost complete silence. Here's a pic taken towards the end of Phoenix's birthday party. By this time he had morphed from a dinosaur into a transformer.
Adam is going to make such a wonderful Dad. He is a bit of a ratbag tho. A family party favourite is a cob loaf dip. Adam set his own mission during Phoenix's birthday party to catch all of us truly enjoying our favourite party food. This was the result.
So damn attractive. But I wasn't the only one. He did it to his mother-in-law...
And Aunty Tam copped it sweet.
Even Lady Mausey wasn't safe.
But don't worry. I got my own back.
Adam was much kinder to the little boys, and snapped this gorgeous picture of the birthday boy.
We also had a completely unexpected experience during our visit to Cairns. We woke on the Friday morning to Uncle Jody offering to fly us over the Great Barrier Reef in a 4-seater plane. Never, ever did I think I would have the option to do such a thing. Truth is, I was scared. You always hear about the small planes that go down in the news, and I always figured it was nothing I would have to worry about...
But Adam said we would be stupid to pass up such a fantastic opportunity, and so I sucked it up and said yes. Uncle Jody embraced his flight attendant skills and gave us a rundown on safety.
Then he backed the plane into position.
Dad joke: Rossco pretends to start the plane.
Adam looking cool, calm, collected and prepared to fly.
Me...not so much.
Jody plots the course.
The take-off was so much quicker and smoother than I expected, and before not too long this was the view from my window.
It was an awesome experience and I am so glad I was forced got the balls to do it. I'm not going to lie, I was crapping my pants most of the time. Worst was definitely the updrafts over the mountains.
Evidently, Jody's super skills had us land safely back at Cairns airport, and whilst it's a little late - I live to tell the tale.

Sweet Dreams.
Kristy xx