Sunday, January 22, 2012

Buh Bye Christmas!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

That's the Pommer 'we-have-no-kids-but-we-have-a-cat' Christmas Tree. Ain't she pretty? We went with a red and silver theme so that it would complement all the furnishings in our lounge/living area. And YES! We have a train!! It was a fluke of a bargain from Myer's a couple of years back. I found it on sale, on sale, on sale. I have never been someone who went to 'the sales', but somehow I fell on top of this one, and even when I decided 'yes that train is a bargain, I'll take it' (the original price was something like $150)... the dude on the cash register says to me 'oh that price needs to be halved again'. No wonder people get addicted to sales. We plan to buy a couple extra decorations for the tree each year. I've been pretty obsessed with birds lately.
But of course, being the people we are, Adam and I couldn't go past The Simpson's decorations either.
Mum sent me this picture on the day they put up the Drew Family Tree.
Believe it or not, I freaking love that tree! It's just the way it should be. It's a family tree decorated by boys who put too many decorations on one side, and nothing on the other. With old school-made decorations and too much tinsel, and beads that look like the person who was holding them was blind-folded, spun around fifty-times and applied.
Seriously, lets look at it closer up.
Yeah that's it in progress. I LOVE it. It is just the way it should be. And my beautiful brothers are growing up (literally)! Apparently the boys were really thrown by the height of the tree and truly convinced that the tree was missing a section. 'But it's so short Mum!!'. 
Christmas for the Drew's is always a big deal. The problem is, we like each other too much. On top of that, we all like buying gifts for each other. Every gift, no matter how small or simple - gets full attention from the entire family. Even a can of Pringles cops a feel and a shake and a comment before it is opened. Combine all those elements and you have gift opening on Christmas Day that stretches from 7am to 3pm. Sounds obscene... but there was 10 of us!
And that's not all folks. Even at the ripe-old-age of 28, Adam and I still get Santa sacks!!
Adam's Santa sack is not in this picture...because he had already 'bagzed' his spot at the foot of the bed, ready for present opening in mum and dad's room. Here's Nick and I, half asleep at the bottom of the bed and ready to open some presents!
And see, I didn't lie about the Pringles!
Tim and Lisa were in France during Christmas 2010... So they got spoilt extra rotten in 2011 because we missed them so much. Still, that didn't mean that they got prime position in the bed. There are only so many adults you can fit in a King size water bed before it pops. So Tim, Lisa and Lady Mausey, held front row seats in the wings.
And now for a random gift.
Plastic bread for Dom. Well...he is an apprentice baker! 
This is Leo, hanging out, and being awesome, at the start of the mornings unwrapping festivities. 
We did eventually make our way out to the lounge room and the mountain of presents surrounding the Christmas Tree. Tim had no idea what this present was before he opened it...
I got this awesome Peter Alexander nightie from Adam as part of our 1st Anniversary present. Yes it does have Snow White on it. In case you hadn't noticed, I've got this thing for cartoons. Well, Adam and me both. All the ribbons from the presents I unwrapped ended up around my wrist or in my hair.
Adam gets excited about his Skaven Hellpit Abomination from Tim and Lisa. What's that you ask? A big build-your-own paint-your-own figure of a rat for his Warhammer collection.
You might also ask what on earth is on that person's foot?
That's Dom's foot, and his new Zombie slippers from Adam and I. Both Dom and Nick have a love for zombies. I'll show you more about it one day.
We were all spoiled almost to the point of being beyond rotten, and finished the day off with a lovely late lunch and a swim in the pool. Such a relaxing, awesome Christmas Day. I am so damn lucky to have this amazing family. 
And I do love my husband...

Even if he does actively try to ruin every second photo I take of him.

A very belated Merrry Christmas to you all!