Monday, January 30, 2012

PROOF: Handmade presents CAN be awesome!

Ok. So technically it's not totally handmade...more hand-modified. But I did do it completely myself and to great reception from those who received the gift.
As mentioned in my Christmas post, as a family, we do Christmas in a big way. And we all get pretty excited about buying gifts for each other. For me, the most exciting presents to give this year... were the ones I made myself. Adam was getting one, so he was kept in the dark. There was a special box under the bed in the spare room that he was not to go near. When I told him I was making presents for everyone (9 people in total), his face dropped. 'That's nice baby. But you know no-one really likes a hand-made present'. I did not let him deter me. I was confident they would be loved by all who received them. A handy, silly little something.

So what is it you ask? 

Well it's a Lego Man USB of course! Each Lego Man chosen specifically for the person. Take my baker brother Dom for example, he is a roller-hockey goalie extraordinaire!
And here is the little guy in action.
He is 8GB worth of awesome! And yes I did make 9 of them. Yes I do have crazy stickers on my keys. Yes the Thai letters do make them difficult to read at times, but they are too damn cute to remove. Sorry, distracted. Back to the awesome USB's that I made...
My baby brother Jo can now go to infinity and beyond with Buzz LightYear.
Mum is heading to London twice this year, which I figure warrants the hiring of her own personal Royal Guard.
When I was in Thailand back in 2010, my crafty friend Chloe requested that I bring her back a monkey as a souvenir. Whilst laws were against me completing this request, I couldn't help but buy her a bunch of silly-little things that had monkeys on them (cause every monkey-lover needs a handfan with a monkey painted on it)... So when I came across this little safari lady - complete with monkey and banana (!), I really couldn't go past her for Chloe.
Lisa's Christmas presents from Adam and I were well themed this year - a bento book and an awesome hoard of bento supplies. Well the Japanese theme was carried through from the kitchen to the study with this super cute Geisha girl, tending to all her computing needs.
Rossco can now turn to the dark side with technical support from Darth Vader.
Adam is all set to board the DeathStar with his StormTrooper.
And Tim is now able to identify traps with the complete support of his commander of the Rebel forces - the one and only Admiral Ackbar!
Tim was especially thrilled with his character. Here he is with Admiral on Christmas Day.
Admiral even popped up last night to say 'hi' during our London-Gold Coast late-night Sunday Skype date with Tim and Lisa. It's great to know he has gone to a loving home.
And last, but certainly not least! Nick is now ready for a zombie invasion with his hazmat suit.
I love how terrified he looks. The Undead are coming for him and they are going to implant him in a computer.
There's no escaping now buddy!

A few days after receiving his StormTrooper, Adam took my face in his hands, looked me straight in the eye, well both eyes, and told me just how much he loved his hand-made-modified present. I turned his little 'hand-made gifts are crap' theory on its head. Present making success!

Now I need to make one for myself.

And if you're keen, the post I write next will be a DIY tutorial on how I did it, so you can make one too!!

Stay awesome! Stay posted!

<3 Kristy