Friday, March 22, 2013

A Picture Tale of Kristy Pregnant.

If we haven't had the time to catch up in person over the last nine or so months, you may have only semi-recently discovered through my latest blog post or Facebook, that I am was, in fact, pregnant!

So you don't feel like you missed out, I have put together a picture tale of my pregnancy.

Behold - the evolution of Kristy's pregnant belly - from start to finish.

Let's start with the day I found out I was pregnant.
4 weeks pregnant
You might remember from my last blog post that on the day I realised I was miraculously pregnant, I told my Mum I was heading to Brisbane to catch up with friends of mine who had recently had babies. We were to meet in Carindale shopping centre, which previous to my news that morning would normally be absolute torture. For someone struggling with infertility, shopping centres always seem filled to the brim with pregnant women and new babies. Ridiculously excited, yet profoundly terrified at the same time I drove to Brisbane with my pee-sticks pregnancy tests in my handbag like the classy lady that I am. Of course I pulled out my treasured ziplock bag over a delicious bento lunch in one of my favourite Japanese restaurants Wagamama.
6 weeks and 4 days pregnant
For our first social event since we discovered we were pregnant, we recycled our corpse husband and bride costumes from my 25th birthday party to attend Leigh's awesome Halloween themed 30th birthday bash. Even at just 6 and a half weeks, the first semester side effect of being insanely tired was beginning to take hold.
9 weeks and 4 days pregnant
Here I am pregnant and sober (and still confidently wearing penis-shaped earrings) at my gorgeous friend Amy's Moulin Rouge themed Hen's Party. By this time the supreme tiredness factor had definitely taken hold and there was no way I was going to survive the clubs in Surfers.
9 weeks and 6 days pregnant

9 weeks and 6 days pregnant
We decided to document the pregnancy induced body changes I was undergoing in photo's in front of our white brick wall.
12 weeks and 4 days pregnant
Hitting the 12 week 'safer' zone was a massive achievement for us. On the same day as the above photo was taken, we headed up to Brisbane for the opening day of my Mum's store That Shop in Woolloongabba.
12 weeks and 4 days

3 Generations and another 1 on the way!
All dresses that I have worn so far in this post, are of course from my Mum's awesome shop... with the exception of the wedding dress of course!

14 weeks

17 weeks and 1 day - in my work scrubs!

17 weeks and 1 day - A view from the top!
It wasn't long after this that Mum and Dad dropped by to visit me in my home, when Mum noticed that the plasterboard in the ceiling above our television appeared to have dropped. You could see the outline of the entire board. A few days later, Mum offered to help me to clean out our garage. You see, I hadn't been able to park my car in there for an extended period of time due to it being used as a storage space for all the stuff I didn't know what to do with. It wasn't anything like that TV show "Hoarders"... but still, it was totally out of control and really needed to be sorted before the baby arrived. I had tried to organise and cull numerous times but due to my hoarding affliction I never got anywhere. I would pretty much sit there and look at it - always feeling completely overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. Mum had offered to help several times in the past but I had always turned her down. On this day, I said "Actually, yes - please come, I need your help. I have a problem". She was wonderful help and support and by the time we finished the clean-out, I felt fantastic. Super bonus was that I now had a cupboard dedicated to my crafting supplies! What was not so great, was what Dad discovered in the roof on the same day. You see because of what they had seen in my lounge-room and because of what had happened with the cornice (remember how I told you the sky was falling!), well Rossco climbed into the roof to see what was happening. It turns out that for the majority of our house, our ceiling was releasing from the beams. He could run his hand between the plasterboard and the beam - and that is NOT good. It was decided that it was too dangerous for us to continue living there. I certainly didn't want to come home to a squashed cat or worse. We moved into my parents house and packed absolutely everything from the house into the garage. It was so lucky that Mum and I had made the space only days before!!! This unfortunate discovery was just the kick up the bum in the pants that we needed to update and refurbish the house in time for bub's arrival. I will have to write another post to show you the progress and end result.
20 weeks and 5 days
There were many positives about living with my parents. The swimming pool was certainly one of them. I am normally a cold frog, who is always in a cardi in warm weather, I take a blanket to the cinema and don't normally enjoy a swim because I am too cold. Pregnancy sure does change that. Incubating made me run super hot, and I swam multiple times on most days. I LOVED it.
My 29th Birthday
21 weeks and 6 days

Baking for my husband
A dream come true - I was barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen! And it was my 29th Birthday to boot. I was baking love-note fortune cookies for my husband while he slept after a night-duty. The next day was our 2nd wedding anniversary. We had decided not to buy each other gifts, but instead Adam surprised me with a night in a local resort to spoil ourselves with some quality couple time. I gave Adam the fortune cookies I made on my birthday, each with a different handwritten quote or love letter. Adam also organised a picnic at the same place that he originally proposed.
The Proposal
Before we left, he suggested that we get photo's of me pregnant in the exact same spot.
2nd Wedding Anniversary
22 weeks

22 weeks
In November and December, Adam and I spent some of our spare time working on our home.
23 weeks and 4 days
Protective mask = essential. Pants that fit = optional. I spent a lot of time boot-scooting around the perimeter of our floor with the very time consuming and tedious task of taping. It kept me off my feet and wasn't too labour intensive. I did sometimes join in on the painting fun.
25 weeks and 4 days
Wrapping the stairs for protective purposes
27 weeks and 5 days
A view from above
27 weeks and 5 days
Painting the baby's room
27 weeks and 5 days
Adam putting together our first pram!

Me testing out the new pram!
27 weeks and 6 days
It was very important to me that I owned a pram that allowed me the option of having my baby actually face me. It's how I always envisioned myself, the new 3-wheeler strollers were definitely a non-option for this old-fashioned lass.
Just hanging out being awesome in my comfy pants.
29 weeks and 5 days

Christmas Day
30 weeks pregnant - Merry Christmas to Me!
New Years Day
31 weeks
I was having real trouble in the feet department. They were swelling up big-time and walking around felt like I was walking on broken bones. Hence I wore TED stockings when possible (always a good look) and purchased a pair of very unattractive, but OMG comfortable orthopaedic sandals. They were hideous, but wearing them meant I could walk and that was kinda important. Other than my feet, I felt fabulous.
31 weeks and 2 days
Adam and I stopped in for a Pot Belly Pie on the way to our annual Brooms Head family camping holiday. Another life goal achieved - being pregnant in my happy place. Unfortunately, we never did get around to digging me belly hole on the beach so I could lie on my tummy... and what a tummy!
Breakfast at Brooms
31 weeks and 4 days
 I LOVED being pregnant, but by far my most favourite thing was watching the baby roll around underneath my swimmers.
Putting my swollen feet up - the view from our campsite
31 weeks and 5 days

32 weeks and 5 days
Mum took that photo of me to prove to me that even at almost 33 weeks pregnant, I still hadn't lost my stupidly small waistline. There definitely was a baby in there though!
In the caravan
32 weeks and 5 days

In my togs at Brooms and Pregnant
32 weeks and 5 days
Making delicious Macadamia Gingernut Balls
35 weeks and 5 days
By the time my baby shower weekend rolled around, I was having some major issues with increasing blood pressure and some pretty impressive swelling all over as a result. It wasn't weight gain, it was fluid and it wasn't until I saw the pictures that I realised just how bad it was. I was swimming multiple times a day to help keep the swelling at bay.

36 weeks and 5 days
I told you I was swollen...I sure didn't look like that 2 days before!
36 weeks and 5 days
 My last blog post finished with the sentence...
"As long as I don't go into labour in the next few days - I promise there will be a photo-filled post of the evolution of my baby belly."
8 days later (and before I got the time to finish this post) I was induced for my high blood pressure and I had my baby.

Will tell you all about it next time.

Much love. 
Kristy x