Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A New Addition!

Remember when I told you how the Drew's do Christmas in a BIG way? Well I neglected to mention the biggest and possibly the most awesome present that Adam and I received.
It was this:
You can see it wrapped in the lounge room in some of the pictures from my Christmas blogpost. Once unwrapped there was a big box of styrofoam and metal and messages from the family.

So what is this big metal styrofoam box of love?
Let's just say that on the 19th of January (and most days of the week actually) my kitchen looked like this...
And a few days later, Rossco was doing this:
He was completely destroying my tupperware cupboard. Eeek. I left for work the next day, tupperware cupboard-less and a big gaping hole in my kitchen. But when I got home from my 10 hour shift I was greeted with this beautiful sight...
YES!!!!! It's a drawer dishwasher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh happy day!
I have not had a dishwasher since I moved out of home, and in with Adam - some 7 plus years ago. Not only that, but we spent many years washing our dishes in sinks that you could barely fit a dinner plate in, let alone our wok (which as a result, may have been washed in the bath-tub once or twice). When our French friends came to stay, Laetitia and I talked constantly of how we dream to one day have our very own dishwasher. Really when you think of it, it is a true luxury item. A machine that will do your dirty dishes. Sigh. I am in heaven.
And guess what else I came home to on the day the dishwasher moved in?
Flowers from my darling husband. For no reason at all. 
Look at that. The dishwasher prepared to set sail for its maiden voyage. You can understand my disappointment when I realised that I didn't have any powder to to put in it. And it was too late at night, the shops were closed. Yes, I absolutely would have driven to the shops simply just to buy powder. This was a significant, fate-fulfilling event in the life of Kristy! But, alas - it had to wait until after work the next day.
Two weeks have gone by, and it is still very much a novelty for me. I'm pretty sure Adam thinks it is a very magical machine indeed. I don't think he even knows how to put it on, because I beat him to the punch every time. For him right now, it stacks, cleans and puts the dishes away all by itself. He does know what it sounds like though, because he mentioned that when it opens, it sounds like a mechanical version of Leo's meow. Which I guess it kinda does...but we see our substitute child in everything.
Christmas 2011, was a year of predominantly kitchen related gifts for me... And I love them all. It might cause some to raise an eyebrow, that my parents gave us a dishwasher and my husband gave me a grill pan and kettle (Go on woman, get in the kitchen. Make me a sandwich). But they are all things that I really truly wanted. I am now the proud owner of an awesome red kettle that looks good and doesn't throw the power out, a Jamie Oliver grill pan that cooks steaks (instead of boiling them), and a dishwasher.