Saturday, July 30, 2011

Get Ready For Your World To Change!

Prepare for your minds to be blown and life to change as you know it.
I'm about to share with you, a secret passed on to me a few years ago by my friend Lorena. If you too have an ugly large pile of plastic bags under your sink, than do I have the solution for you! Sure the amount under mine has reduced since the evolution of the green bag, but I still get a bunch from time to time. I utilise them for garbage bin liners, taking my lunch to work and other bits and bobs. I went grocery shopping yesterday and after putting everything away I was left with this..
...which once upon a time, would have become this...
But what I will now teach you, through the magic of the internet, is to turn that unruly pile of bags, into this...
Step One: lay your bag flat on a table/breakfast bar or similar.
Step Two: fold down one handle.
Step Three: starting at the folded handle end, fold the bag in <2inch portions like so...
...over and over until you get to the other side. Like this:
Step Four: fold from the bottom in triangles. All the way to the top like so:
Step Five: wrap the handle around and tuck it in.

Your amazing space-saving triangle-folded plastic bag. Now go forth my students and pass your superior knowledge onto others.

Yep. I just wrote a whole blog post on how to fold plastic bags.

Sweet Dreams. See You Tomorrow.