Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baby, Baby, Babah, ooooooo!

The pure joy of gardening semi-success has got me singing Justin Bieber. You see, back in February I planted some Baby Carrot seeds. I didn't really know what I was doing, and kinda just sprinkled them in a pot, covered with a light layer of potting mix, patted it down, watered and loved them most days. As they grew I realised, that though I thought I had 'sprinkled them'... I had in fact dumped a whole heap of seeds in one small spot. The result? Very crowded carrots. They are all fighting for their own space, and unable to get it - and are starting to contort somewhat.
Not really knowing how long they are supposed to take until these babies are fully grown...I decided it was time to pluck them from their roots. Seeing what they were doing from the top, I was starting to think that they may come out looking like the freaky baby mandrake that Pan kept in a bowl of milk under her mum's bed, in the movie Pan's Labyrinth
It turns out that they came out small, and odd shaped...but not too freaky.
I cleaned and rinsed them a few times in water, and promptly added a vegetable scrubbing brush to my list of things to buy. Fingers don't seem to do the job properly.
He he he. Some of them look like worms. Some are wonky. Some stumpy. Some have a gammy extra leg. They're all individuals. So what to serve for dinner, along with my baby carrots? 
I decided to make a mini lamb leg roast with a few other roast vegetables. It took 10 minutes to find my potato peeler in my disgraceful second drawer.
Then I put 'clean out the second drawer' on my list of things to do, donned an apron, sang (and danced) along to Laura Brannigan's 'What a feeling' and started cooking dinner.
I covered the lamb in mustard seed, popped a sprig of rosemary (from my garden) on top, a halved lemon in amongst the roast vegetables and whacked it in the Webber for an hour.
Whilst waiting for my timer to go off, I amused myself by loving Leo, and taking photo's of him while he slept.
He's so handsome... and silly.
And before we knew it, dinner was on the table. My plating-up was less than desirable (and definitely not Masterchef worthy) but the taste was deee-lish. I cooked the baby carrots in water on the stove, drained them and served them with drizzled honey.
Nick was even visiting at the time (he's a chef you know!) and said that I had cooked the lamb perfectly. That was a fluke, but yay me! I really haven't cooked much at all in the last year and a half. I need to pick up my game, clean out my cupboards and start cooking more. No doubt, you will hear (and see) all my endeavours.

Keep being awesome.

Sweet Dreams. See You Tomorrow.