Sunday, July 17, 2011

So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink...

The Wedding Singer is one of my most favourite movies of all time. Adam Sandler. Drew Barrymore. The music. The hair. The humour. The meatballs. It's all my cup of tea.
This scene in particular, brings a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes. Without fail. Every single time. 
I always wanted a love like this.

And guess what?
I got it!

We recently received a beautiful little parcel from the lovely and super talented Ms Lara Pape. Lara was the photographer at our wedding, and hence - the package contained discs with all the high res versions of our wedding photo's!!! It's so difficult to choose which ones to put on here, or on our whitebrickwall for that matter... I love them all so very much. I figure that, rather than dumping a whole bunch of them in one post, I should instead just spatter them in different blog posts from time to time.

As corny as it sounds, Adam and I both agree whole-heartedly - our wedding day was the best day of our lives. And not only did we get some absolutely stunning posed photo's, but the one's that really move me - are the one's where Lara caught us in the moment.
The overwhelming feeling of love for and from my husband on that day definitely topped any guitar-slinging, wedding-singing fantasy I had.
I sit now, in the lounge beside my husband and as he pats and loves my substitute child the cat that I am obsessed with, he tells me not to worry about the dishes - he'll do them tomorrow. 
How lucky am I?

I have this wonderful man to grow old with.

Sweet Dreams. See you tomorrow.