Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ok. So I got distracted.

Last Thursday evening I promised myself I was going to get my craft on and make a cover for my overlocker. On Friday I headed to Fantazia Fabricland as I had promised myself the night before. You'll be pleased to know that I walked through the beading section...
...and felt NO URGE to purchase ANY, let alone one of every type in every colour. Nothing. Nada. Zip. I felt so proud. This bulk-buying hoarderholic is most certainly on a solid road to recovery. The real challenge is going to be walking out of the fabric section with minimal prints and minimal meterage. 
Having survived the beading and ribbon section (yes I have an affinity for ribbons also), I moved onto the patchwork fabric section.
That's just half of one row. There was sooooo much to choose from. And yet - I found nothing. I was looking for a green themed fabric, but not one of them said 'buy me! take me home!'. So, why on earth does a girl with a house full of red, white and black want a green themed overlocker cover? I blame this - 
This photo was taken a month or so ago, when I was pawing through the fabrics in Spotlight. I just haven't been able to get this gorgeous kids animal print out of my head. Yep , so in love with this fabric that I want to use it somehow in the baby's room!! (Nope, still not pregnant..) But for what shall I use it? I couldn't decide. So took a photo of it to remember it for later.
Well later has come, and whilst I don't intend to use it for my overlocker (and still haven't decided what to make it into) - I have been inspired by my favourite blog younghouselove yet again who have used one napkin (named Sue) as their whole-house-colour-scheme inspiration. Hence, the zoo/jungle fabric above is now the inspiration for my baby room colour theme! Walls of antique white USA, white furniture and shelving and then predominantly green bits and pieces and other bright colours like in the fabric.

And what's that got to do with the overlocker cover? Well technically we only have 2 proper rooms in our house. So, for the first baby, the sewing machine and overlocker will stay in the baby's room. So a green overlocker cover was my aim. Mum has often spoken about when I was a baby and how she would sit at the same sewing table that I now use, with one foot on the sewing pedal and one on my baby bouncer. I love that vision and hope to follow the tradition.

Ok. So I got distracted. Where was I? Whilst in Fabricland I find a quilt that someone has made, it had a few different types of green spot fabric's in it. Of course, when I ask the attendant 'where are the fabrics in this quilt?', her reply is - 'oh, we don't stock those fabrics they're from the quilt teacher's person collection.' Whilst staring at the quilt I come to the realisation that I am organising a green theme bedroom and the only piece of furniture I have purchased specifically for that room is a bright red 1950's sleepy hollow chair. We purchased two from Rewind with the thoughts that they would be stunning, styling and super comfy as breast feeding chairs. Holy santaclaus shit! I can't have a green room with a big red chair, the child will think it's Christmas all year round! But I reeeeeeally want that zoo fabric, and green is very gender-neutral for babies. To help me decide I took this picture of the quilt.
I was trying to use my visionary skills to work out if red and green could tastefully be done. I figured my red bag could be the chair and the wicker chair could represent the bamboo blinds that I also hope to put in the baby's room. Hmmm... Still not sure.
In an attempt to solve my dilemma, I texted my go-to girl Chloe who suggested I do the sensible thing and google red chairs and see what comes up.
Well didn't that open up a whole new kettle of fish.
Now I want green walls.

I told Adam this in the first 5 minutes after he woke up post his second or third night-duty. His immediate reaction 'No. Absolutely not.' Silly me. Should have chosen my timing better. I was just so excited by my new idea. After giving him some time to wake up a little, I showed him the pictures I had found, and it totally won him over. Project green room is a go!
Doesn't white furniture just stand out beautifully against a green wall?
Oops. So I'm distracted again. Coming up short in the fabric department I left empty handed and headed to Spotlight. Now that I am having green walls, I shouldn't have a green cover. I want something that will look good against the green wall, and still go with my zoo/jungle print colour theme. Here's what I found.
I decided on one metre of a yellow spot fabric for my overlocker cover - to match the lion. I also took one metre of the zoo/jungle print to have as my guide and until I worked out what to do with it (and because I couldn't dream about it any must be mine!). I couldn't possibly leave without this super cute green print.
It's vintage-y looking, green, baby-ish and has cats (!!!), bunnies and some sort of bird on it. It screamed 'take me, I'm yours'. So I bought one metre to do something with it, one day.

I never got my cover made that weekend, because I got distracted with so many other things. One of which included a visit to Bunnings to grab a random pile of green colour swatches, which you may have seen in my burnt banana cake pictures.
I now have 4 days off work (woot!), so - come hell or high water I will get this project complete, by the end of those days. By a stroke of fate, it turns out Mum needs a cover for her new sewing machine, so we are going to spend some quality mother-daughter time making our covers together!

I am so long winded. Time for bed.
Sweet Dreams. See you tomorrow.

P.S. Chloe also coined the phrase. 'Holy SantaClaus shit!'. I can't take credit for its awesomeness.